Since I was a kid I was interested in building things, especially rockets, electronics and computer related hardware. At the same time, I was interested in the nature of reality. One question bothered me since I was 8 years old: Is this an autonomous world or one that is guided by some higher reality? That was a question that later returned to the center stage of my interests.

I started programming in computer languages when I was 15 and I was especially interested in robotics. In high school I was frequently asked by the teachers to conduct physics and chemistry experiments and explain concepts to classmates. In short, I was considered a very bright student, if not an exceptional one.

I decided to study nuclear physics but there was shortage of scholarships at that time and I had to make an alternative choice. I received a Bachelor in science with Magna Cum Laude honors and was offered a scholarship to study for my Masters degree. Afterwards I started working on my PhD but a large corporation offered me a position and prospects of paying for my PhD if I wanted to continue. I decided to take the job and later I continued working on my PhD. At some point I realized that a PhD was too focused and only for people who wanted to become professors. I elected to broaden my horizons and took a second Masters in finance. That gave me the opportunity to work in Wall Street and be exposed to the most challenging environment in the world. 

I did not like the Wall Street culture, the drinking, parties, the excessive greed and the immoral character of many people associated with it. I started working for other companies in the financial field not related to Wall Street directly and to that culture. At some point I took a break and I started doing  research concerning the nature of reality. I spent 3 years in isolation in a village reading Newton, Descartes, Leibniz and ancient philosophers. During that time I understood that modern science is a carefully crafted scheme of obscurantism. I had a choice to remain isolated and live the rest of my life in intellectual harmony. I decided to return to real life and face reality. I wrote books, most of which I never published because they were not offering what people wanted to hear but a sobering look at reality. 

My published work about the foundations of physics was calibrated at a consciousness level of 480 by the late Dave Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., at the Institute Of Advanced Consciousness in Sedona, Arizona, U.S.A. According to the Institute, general science calibrates at 400 and Newtonian physics at 450. But my published work is too complicated for the average reader who is interested in dealing with the problem of magnetism in a practical manner. I will use some aspects of my published works in this site but in a way that offers value to the reader. The objective is not to try to overwhelm and impress the reader with incomprehensible state-of-the-art philosophy of science. What makes sense is to offer people a way of dealing with the most obscured force: magnetism. 

My full credentials will be made available to those who will arrange for personal consultation. But in reality credentials are overrated.  True knowledge is not obtained in universities, or at work, but through a tedious and painful process of questioning the nature of reality and finding out what some very important people have said and written about it. Intelligence is a total waste if it cannot go beyond mind control and figure out the proper questions to ask. Education is mostly a compensation scheme for professors and university administrators. True knowledge is achieved  through a difficult process of enlightenment. The objective is to try to use the knowledge in helping people not fortunate, or not strong enough, to go through this process and help them to take control of their life. 

I had to take control of my life twice after I became a victim of magnetism. That was not easy. The reason this happened to me was that although I was very bright and well-educated, I thought I had everything under control. On the contrary, I was the target of negative magnetism and I had no control over any aspect of my life. Those who exercised positive magnetism towards me had full control of my life. I was a puppet. They could even terminate my life if they wanted to because I was so helpless. Magnetism convinces you that your actions are yours when in fact they are imposed by others. Magnetism strikes at the heart o free will and paralyzes its targets. 

When I realized what was happening to me it was already to late to reverse the arrow of time. But I wanted to know how and why. Isolation offered me the piece of mind to study and understand what I was missing. Since I have decided to reveal part of the knowledge to others who deserve to know. Everyone deserves to know. I am happy that I am in position to contribute towards that. 

Individuals who are always in the spotlight, such as actors, sports professionals, singers, politicians and high profile business people will benefit from the knowledge I have to offer immensely. Traders and investors will especially benefit since I have extensive experience about the effects of magnetism in this area. Many financial market professionals wonder why wealth seems to accumulate in the hands of certain individuals and the rest are struggling. There are answers to this. I have run real experiments in this field with real money and I have determined what is going on. What you will learn will blow your mind. Never invest one dime in the markets unless you understand these principles. 

Evadus (Mike)