The Perpetual Time Traveler Principle

This is a principle you should apply to your life daily. It is one of the most powerful principles in life.

Many of us often wish we could turn the clock back and do things differently to rectify a situation, make better plans or follow a different path in life. At times this comes with an uncomfortable feeling that time is running out and we have not accomplished what we desired or even we have done some things wrong and in ways we should not have.

The Perpetual Time Traveler Principle applies as follows:

Think that right at this moment you managed to return back from the future in a magical way or with the assistance of a higher force because you really wanted to rectify a situation. In other words you were given a second chance.

Next think about your current decisions, behavior, inclinations, goals: are you on the right track? What do you think you are not doing right?  For example:

  • Are you maybe not spending enough time with your children and/or wife
  • Has it been long that you have contacted your family?
  • Are you delaying your decision to go back to school?
  • Do you feel lazy and keep postponing business plans?
  • Are you speculating on get quick rich schemes?
  • Do you behave badly to your neighbors or friends?
  • Do you underestimate people and their abilities?
  • Do you evaluate people based on race, sex or religion?
  • Do you have an extramarital affair for no good reason?
  • Do you drive recklessly putting your life and other people’s lives in danger?
  • Do you drink a lot or abuse substances?

You are here because in the future you wished to have been given a second chance.  You are a perpetual time traveler all your life. At every moment think that you traveled back many years to rectify things you have done wrong or to do thinks in a different and/or better way.

This is one of the most powerful ways of thinking about life, i.e., that you are a perpetual time traveler. Use this principle to change your life. I do too. It is never too late to change the future.

Mike (Evadus)