Groups of People Affected by Magnetism

Certain groups of people are more affected by negative magnetism. Those in entertainment, sports and politics risk of becoming target of magnetic forces because they are in the spotlight. Although it is known that a lot of people in special groups are successful because they have exercised positive magnetism, those who have succeeded only by their real talent are at high risk due to specific forms of magnetism caused mainly by envy.

Many politicians, actors, singers, models and athletes seek advice but often from the wrong people. Most “gurus” use positive magnetism to attract clients and they do not really intend to talk about negative magnetism because that, among other things, will reveal that they themselves use it. For this reason, the clients do not get the advice about the protection they need other than irrelevant guidance. 

One reason most gurus fail to deliver is because they do not have a modern account of the reality of this world but rely on antiquated and wrong ideologies. A true guru must be first a competent scientist with real credentials and must also abide to a philosophical framework that is compatible with scientific empirical evidence. That is not the case with most gurus as they are still associated with empirically false accounts of reality. 

Entertainment professionals and politicians that are constantly in the spotlight will learn in this site how magnetism works and how to counter its negative effects, which include adverse effects on career, health, family and personal life. 

Traders and investors are in need of special protection from negative magnetism. Most market participants feel that the financial markets are a materialistic endeavor where the best forecasters win. This account is patently wrong because financial markets are just a battleground of hopes and dreams where those who exercise the most powerful positive magnetism win. Some investors and traders wonder why they lose money even when their forecasts are correct. They do not understand that market forecasts are irrelevant. Financial markets are driven by magnetic forces and the ramifications due to this are stunning. 

Members of this site will learn how magnetic forces manifest in the financial markets and how to counter them. The information is mind boggling but it is the personal experience of the author based on many years of trading and investing experience with actual money at stake. Any market participant who does not understand how magnetism works and how to deal with its forces should never risk a dime in the markets. Knowing about magnetism is not nearly enough. Traders and investors must also know how to protect themselves from negative magnetic forces. This is not a trivial task. 

Individuals who practice positive magnetism to benefit from their profession, whether that is involvement with entertainment, sports, politics or financial markets, usually gain fame and the wealth that comes with it, or vice versa, but they are at risk of paying for that in some form or another and in a painful way. Positive magnetism is sorcery and a dangerous practice that must be avoided by anyone who is not ready to pay for its consequences. However, the fact that most of those who practice positive magnetism at the end may pay for it is of no cancellation to the victims who lose their money. Learn how to protect yourself from becoming a victim and from the forces that modern society has obscured for the purposes of maintaining an orderly political, social and economic environment. 

Evadus (Mike)