Super Blue Moon Alert For January 31, 2018

This is time to be cautious, avoid social gatherings, home parties and read your prayers for good health and protection from magnetic forces.

The supper blue moon is a combination of three effects according to NASA: a supermoon because the Moon is closer to Earth, the second full moon for this month, also known as a blue Moon, and a total lunar eclipse.

The astronomical effects are well understood but the metaphysical are not. Many laugh at the metaphysical aspects of this at their own peril. I have witnessed in the past rituals by both occult and also religious groups on the day of super blue Moon. This is the day when magnetic forces have maximum strength and impact. So take precautions and ignore what the materialists say against metaphysics. Precaution when exercised with reason has never hurt anyone.

You may want to avoid social gatherings, public events and home parties on this day. Read your prayers for good health, prosperity and defeat of magnetic forces.

Be safe and well.

Evadus (Mike)